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There is sinusitis and there is sinusitis. Unless you suffer from serious sinusitis, you probably don’t know the difference between acute sinusitis and chronic sinusitis. But there is a difference and it is important to know if you have chronic sinusitis in order to find the right chronic sinusitis treatment.


All sinusitis is an inflammation of the tissue in the cavities in the skull. These tissues are normally filled with air, and they produce mucus which helps the body keep pollutants, allergens and other foreign bodies out of the nasal passages. If the sinus passages become inflamed, the sinuses become blocked, which means that this normally beneficial mucus is now trapped inside the sinus cavity. This causes it to build up and cause a great deal of pain and pressure inside the head. A greater danger, however, is that these clogged passages can now become infected by bacteria that builds up in there.

Acute sinusitis is an inflammation that lasts for up to a month. Once this inflammation is out of control, it can last for months, and then it can return year after year. Initially, chronic sinusitis is probably caused by a cold or allergies. But once the cold or the allergens start to build up in the sinuses, they cause the inflammation we have discussed. This is when it is time to seek chronic sinusitis treatment.


Many have found that chronic Sinus Surgery sinusitis may be caused by the natural immune response in the nose to the fungus in the air. If you are an asthma sufferer, your chances of chronic sinusitis are also very great. Another reason for chronic sinusitis is a structural defect in the nasal passage, which can block the sinuses. This causes another case where they are unable to drain properly. The pollutants in the air may also be the culprits, since they will irritate the sinus cavities and, in addition, the body will produce mucus to fight the pollutants, leading to further blocks. If a bacterial infection is present, antibiotics will be necessary.

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